Crown of Nazareth: the Tuesday evening prayer

The crown of Nazareth is the devotional practice specific to the place. It consists of the recital of five dozen Hail Marys, with the Lord’s prayer and Glory be to God. By contrast to the Holy Rosary, made up of twenty Mysteries, the Crown contemplates five stages of Jesus’ life that occurred in the city of Nazareth, accompanying pilgrims and believers to contextualize the prayer.
The list of contemplations is provided below:

  • 1st contemplation: The Annunciation of Angel Gabriel to Virgin Mary (Luke 1,26-31).
  • 2nd contemplation: The Annunciation to Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary (Matthew 1,20-23). 
  • 3rd contemplation: The Holy Family lives in Nazareth (Matthew 2,19-23).
  • 4th contemplation: Jesus grew beneath his parents (Luke 2,42-43.46-52).
  • 5th contemplation: Jesus announces the Kingdom of God in Nazareth (Luke 4,16-19.28-30).

The prayer begins with the Salutation of the Virgin, composed by Saint Francis of Assisi and ending with the recital of litanies of the Holy Family.

The moment of prayer that takes place every Tuesday evening, is completely dedicated to the intercession for the families of the whole world, highlighting the importance of the family of Nazareth as a model for every Christian family.

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