The Saturday evening Rosary in Nazareth

Procession on Saturday

In Nazareth, the Saturday evening Rosary with the "aux flambeaux" procession, represents one of the sanctuary’s culminating moments. Particularly touching in this practice, is the alternate reading of the Gospels of the Annunciation (Luke 1,26-31), John’s prologue (John 1,1-18) and Joseph’s Annunciation (Matthew 1,20-23).

The proclamation occurs right in front of the Grotto where Mary said "Yes" and where thanks to her “the Word became flesh” ("Verbum Caro Hic Factum Est"). The intense moment of prayer concludes with the recital of Angelus and with the Papal Benediction conceded by Holy Father Benedict IVI to the Guardian of the Convent of Nazareth.

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