Visit to the Church of the Archangel Gabriel

The Church of the Archangel Gabriel

There is another sanctuary in Nazareth linked to the Eastern tradition and dedicated to the Archangel Gabriel. It commemorates the first announcement of the Archangel to the Virgin, which occurred at a spring. This tradition, which originates in the Infancy Gospel of James, began to spread from the second century.
There is evidence of a church built in this place only since the Crusades (12th century). However, it is possible to think that an earlier sanctuary might have been built already in Byzantine times. The current place of worship, owned by the Greek-Orthodox Church, was built in 1750 by some monks, on top of the ruins of the Crusader Sanctuary destroyed by the Muslims. In 1767, the wooden iconostasis was placed in the presbytery, along with valuable icons of the Jerusalem school.
In the last century, between 1977 and 1978, two Romanian artists decorated the walls of the sanctuary with biblical scenes.
Crossing the church leads to a crypt at the bottom of which flows the water from the spring. The walls of the crypt are decorated with four trefoil arches and covered in marble and enamel. A niche at the side of the altar preserves the spring that flows directly from the rock.

History of the Place