Naves and apses


Naves and apses

The Church features a simple, large and light space divided into three naves, predominantly in the white stone of Nazareth.

The fresco decorations of the apsidal basins are mainly dedicated to the figure of St. Joseph and the childhood of Jesus, work of the artist A. Della Torre. Three scenes in particular are depicted: in the central apse there is the Holy Family, to the right Joseph's Dream, and to the left the death of Joseph. The style of the artist is simple and linear, with his colours and language recalling above all the holy scenes of purist artists.

The stained glass decorating the basilica are the work of J. Gruber, inspired by the Litanies of Saint Joseph, which describe the life of the saint, the acts of faith in God and his participation in the story of the Salvation.

The paintings of the Holy Family of F. Lafond and that of Jesus, apprentice carpenter in the workshop of Joseph, by the Viennese artist Hemmerlein are of European origin.

Also, to the right and left of the main entrance, there are representations respectively of Saint Francis and Saint Clare.

The flooring of the central nave is raised with respect to the side naves, to enable visits to the underground crypt and grottos. The underground grottos are accessible via two entrances open along the side naves.