The Church of Saint Joseph


Passing alongside the Franciscan monastery towards the north, we reach the Shrine dedicated to the memory of Saint Joseph, husband of Mary and putative father of Jesus.

The ancient tradition ties this Basilica with the memory of the carpenter's home in Nazareth. Among the oldest witness accounts, there is that of the pilgrim Arculfus (7th century), who speaks of the existence of a Shrine known as that of Nutrition. Here Jesus was brought up and educated by his parents. The other tradition links to location to the “workshop of Joseph”, a memory recovered by the

Franciscans on their arrival at Nazareth in the 17th century.
Now, on the remains of a crusade church, stands a Neo-Romanesque building, designed by the German architect fr. Wendelin Hinterkeuser, and constructed between 1911 and 1914. Up until that time, a small chapel stood in the same place, built by the Franciscans in 1754.

In the archaeological digs of the late 1700s a bath was uncovered, with a mosaic base, supposedly an ancient baptistery, and a series of grottos and silos visible in the crypt of the church.

The Church of Saint Joseph