Archaeology Museum of Nazareth


The Museum is located in the area to the north of the Basilica of the Annunciation, near the rooms that were originally part of the ancient Bishop's Palace from the crusade era. It conserves the collection of all the most interesting pieces unearthed during the archaeological digs, and was founded by P. Viaud in 1910 to illustrate the history of the excavations.

The museum is accessible via the rose garden, alongside the entrance to the Franciscan monastery. Along the route towards the entrance, a number of architectural findings from the Byzantine Basilica and crusade are on display.

The museum, which can be visited on request, is made up of a large exhibition hall and the archaeological area covered by the suspended platform.

A map, with overlapping layers, illustrates, by colour coding, the findings in the area. This basic reconstruction helps visitors to better understand the changes that occurred and the perimeters within which they moved: the village with caves, silos and corridors are yellow; the remains of the pre-Byzantine and Byzantine era are in blue; the perimeters of the crusade building are in red; and the new shrine is in white.

Archaeology Museum of Nazareth